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Patimaporn Daradas
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: Bangkok,Thailand
Favourite genre of music: Pop,Dance,R&B
Favourite style of art: Cartoon
Favourite cartoon character: KND, PPG n' Other toon


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Hi, Everyone! GIF Steven Universe - Have a Great Weekend! 

I have something news want said you all. Steven Universe - Greg Icon 1 
I got "Core Membership" by someone in DA.

My reaction in that moment: Really!? I got "Core Membership"!?  GIF Steven Universe - Gasp!  

This is the most best day in my life!  When they announce the new Guardians of the Galaxy Steven experiences a seizure.
Because finally! I can change my username, after I used "Porn1315" as my username for 11 years. GIF Steven Universe - Burn!!!1 

My new username is "RoseMary1315" now.  
"Rose" is my nickname. But some my family, friends or classmate called "Rosemary" in sometime.Steven Universe - Greg Icon 3


To who send "Core Membership" to me.
I want say...Thank you so much for anything. ... rose 
(I'm sorry, I can't said more beside "Thank you". Because, english isn't my first language. 58 )
  • Listening to: Sing Movie soundtrack
  • Watching: SU, Disney n' BTTF
  • Playing: Pokemon
  • Drinking: Cola


I Like This Character Meme
I Like This Character Meme

This is meme about of my fav. characters with reason.

Because They're Interesting
Bullet; Blue Jamison Fawkes (Junkrat) [Overwatch]: I want know about him more like his past, what happen with his arm and leg?, more his past with Roadhog and etc.

Because They're Cool
Bullet; Blue Dr. Emmett Brown (Doc Brown) [Back to the Future/BTTF]: After I watch Back to the future, I just like him and his character so much. I think he's cool for scientist in my thought.
Bullet; Blue Andy DeMayo [Steven Universe]: Some SU fan dislike him, because he's racist to Gems. But I think he's cool in my thought, plus I like his pilot/
military-like looking and his pilot skill. He try change himself and his open-minded for his nephew, Steven.

Because Their Character Makes Sense
Bullet; Blue X [Megaman X]: He don't like fight. But, he become to Maverick Hunter for protect human and reploid by maverick reploid, and he want Reploid Robot and human to live together in peace.

Because They Have Flaws
Cacofonix [Asterix]: He's bard of Gaul village. But, his singing are bad (like his name) and no one in village want listen his singing.

Because They're Smart
Bullet; Blue Professor (Prof.) Utonium [Powerpuff Girls or PPG]: He's created Powerpuff Girls. He do inventing gadgets, when girls really want his helped.
Bullet; Blue Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr. [Kids Next Door or KND]: He's Pilot, engineer and inventor of Sector V. He created 2x4 technology gadgets, and he created Sector V's tree house.
Bullet; Blue Mei Ling Zhou [Overwatch]: In case "Rise and Shine" animated shot, She created/inventing
Cryo-Braster Gun by stuffs thing around her with her intelligent skill.

Because They're Misunderstood
Bullet; Blue Guzma [Pokemon Sun and Moon & 
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon]: He look alike normal punk and the punk leader of Team Skull. But he has a painful past in childhood with his family.

Because They're a Archetype
Bullet; Blue Drake Mallard (Darkwing Duck) [
Darkwing Duck]: He's hero of the night. He's big ego. But, he's badass normal hero against super villains. (like Batman, his reference hero.)
Bullet; Blue Mario [Super Mario Bro. game series]: He's main hero of Mushroom Kingdom in main game and he's leader in some game series. He's brave, fearless and friendly with everyone.

Because I Can Relate
Bullet; Blue Bubbles 
[Powerpuff Girls or PPG]: She's sweetie girl, gentle. She's love animals, dolls. She love drawing. She can to be brave girl when she need. She's center of Powerpuff Girls.

Because They Have Redeemable Qualities
Bullet; Blue Nohara Hiroshi (Harry Nohara) [Crayon Shin chan]: Although sometime, he's drunk and flirting with beauty girls. But, he love/care his wife, his kids and his family so much. 

Because They're Honest
Bullet; Blue Goofy Goof [Disney]: Although, he's clumsy and dumb. But, he's loyal to Mickey, Donald (his best friends), Max (his son) and his other friends so much. 

Because They're Nice
Bullet; Blue Luigi 
[Super Mario Bro. game series]: He's the most nicest guy in Mario games. He's nice guy with Mario (his brother) and everyone.

Because Of Subtext
Bullet; Blue Johnny the Gorilla [Sing Movie]: He don't want 
footstep like his dad who is criminal. He become to music challenge in Moon Theater. Because, he want to be single artist, and he don't want to be criminal like his dad.

Because Of Their Hatedom
Bullet; Blue Mayor Bill Dewey 
[Steven Universe]: Mostly SU fan hate him. Because, he had crush on Pearl. They're want Pearl to be lesbian in their thought. Plus after, Pearl in love with Mystery Girl and "Dewey Wins" episode, those fan just very happy about Mayor Dewey to be Former Mayor and he isn't Mayor anymore. Honestly now, I felt bad to him so much. He shouldn't have bad fate like that. He deserve better. at least, he should got respect as a character not shipping by SU fan.     

Because They're Underrated
Bullet; Blue Sylvia Marpole [An Extremely Goofy Movie/Disney]: After Movie, she had never appears in any Disney anymore. She should become to in main Disney or once Cameo, at least. Honestly, she should be official couple with Goofy.  
Bullet; Blue Clara Clayton [Back to the Future/BTTF]: She isn't popular character like Doc Brown (her husband) and Marty (Doc Brown's friend). Doc Brown x Clara fanart have less and rare fanart. I want more fanart about her or her with husband.

Because They Changed For The Better
Bullet; Blue Felonius Gru [Despicable Me]: From the villain, bad guy to hero, good guy. From cold-heart to be lovely dad to Marco, Edith and Agnes (part 1) and become to lovely husband to Lucy Wilde (his wife).

Because I CAN
Bullet; Blue Cala Maria [Cuphead]: Mermaid is my fav. myth thing
Bullet; Blue Cagney Carnation [Cuphead]: He's remind me of Junkrat.
Bullet; Blue Jasper 
[Steven Universe]: I like her. Because, her cool fanart.
Bullet; Blue Snowball [Overwatch] and Pumpkin Dog [Steven Universe]: They're so cute.


Tong the Rooster
Tong the Rooster

Okay, I got this pet by 
unintentionally. Pearl Emote 31 


It's Friday, October 6, 2017. I'm wake up 10 am, because my grandma called me for look something. I'm surprised, it's Rooster (Male Chicken). Grandma said, when at 9 am, my mom do cleaning outdoor house before go to work, she's see this chicken walk come in our house. No one know this chicken where come from. My grandma said this chicken, it's middle age for chicken (it's old). Now, it's our pet. I called him *"Tong (โต้ง)"
*Mostly Thai people called to male rooster is "Tong (โต้ง)" Steven Universe - Greg Icon 3 
Okeanov Couples: The Valentine
Heart free avatar Okeanov Couples: The Valentine Heart free avatar 

Okay, I'm come back to do "Valentine's Day Art Exchange 2018".
This time, I draw my OC from My story "Okeanov" in Valentine day for this year.

Ivan Okeanov x Tomoyo Umiwa: "Your smile is Light in my heart."
Elbert Wattson x Dao (Chanthra) Wattson: "I don’t care. You’re Cu-Te for me."
Seiji Umiwa x Millicent Dawson: "Maybe, you’re weird. But, this is why I love you so much."
Leonardo Concetto x Georgina Aston: "You’re sweet than any desserts I know."

Heart Happy (Late) Valentine Day.Heart Love Tards 




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